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About our Technology

LeoVince products are designed in our own dedicated R&D facility using advanced CAD/CAM technology. Every prototype is run extensively on the dyno and once approved is tested on the track under the most severe conditions. In many cases we work hand-in-hand with manufacturer's factory race teams for further development.
Most importantly, LeoVince is dedicated to providing performance AND reasonable sound levels. Our Enduro systems are designed to deliver outstanding power at only 94dB. Our MX systems are rated at only 99dB, or 96dB with the included insert, making them legal for all forms of AMA competition and quiet enough for noise-sensitive tracks in local areas. Many of our street systems include a removable E-approved baffle that let's you stay stealthy on the street and allows easy removal for track day use. Every LeoVince exhaust system, slip-on or full, is truly made-to-measure and utilizes a specific geometric format for each engine to ensure maximum performance. Systems are tuned to enhance specific engine characteristics and to address any shortcomings in the stock powerband. We build long, linear powerbands providing you with a fist full of power anywhere and any time you twist the throttle.
Our facilities are completely inclusive, including all aspects of production, stamping, welding, bending, and carbon-fiber molding. We do not farm out our production to subcontractors, that is what ensures our legendary quality of build. We even produce our own titanium rivets built to our stringent tolerances. LeoVince, dedicated to combining the most modern technology with the handcrafted finish delivered by our experienced craftsmen; all to provide you with the best exhaust in the world.

            Sito’s family ties don’t end there either: Pietro’s grandchildren, Giacomo and Valeria first carried on the family tradition by working here with the LeoVince USA staff and now fill positions within Sito Gruppo. Valeria is now filling a role as Sito’s  Marketing Manager. Giacomo has begun as a director in Sito Gruppo and will be opening a new division and managing Sito’s expansion into our newest market Indonesia.

With such strong ties to legacy and tradition, it’s no surprise that the family also values their ties to the land. In 2004, they acquired much of the land that surrounds the Sito Gruppo facility and built Monte Oliveto di Casa, the family winery. Their goal is to keep alive the tradition of winemaking (for the Mollo’s this goes back centuries) and to share the historic wine culture of Italy with friends, colleagues and customers worldwide.

Those same values can be seen in Sito Gruppo and the LeoVince brands today, where the traditions of fine craftsmanship and respect for the smallest details are evident in every one of their products.

Join us on our very own youtube channel full of informational videos about our product as well as, how to install everything from our best Titanium full systems to the basic slipons.



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