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GranTurismo MAXI Scooter
Full System

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GranTurismo is the all new exhaust system created by LeoVince for full size 4 Stroke scooters and maxi-scooters.The GranTurismo is the sexy new exhaust developed in the true heritage of Italian design and style. Its unique combination of silencer and collector give GranTurismo the perfect balance between traditional and avant-garde design. Even the inlaid logo's triangular shape follows the lines of the silencer giving GranTourismo design a shape that moves. Both the conical shaped body and the sleek trapezoid shaped end-cap flow from the front to the very back of the exhaust so it looks as good coming at you as it does speeding away.

It's internal stainless steel construction helps make the GranTurismo an elegant looking exhaust pipe that resists corrosion.The canister is completely covered by a stainless steel heat shield giving the end pipe an exceptional finished look and best of all helps protect the silencer from the elements. The inside of the silencer is a combination of two quieting technologies, dissipative and reactive. Every GranTurismo is packed with our high-tech Durapaq ceramic-based soundproofing material and it is designed with a multi-chamber baffle system to create exceptional exhaust flow while lowering overall dB levels. The final feature of this full-system is a long-lasting internally welded stainless steel end-cap and an engineered graphite bushing that allows the collector to be more flexible and resistant to the stresses of vibration. The GranTourismo is impeccably built and a great high-tech solution for your scooter exhaust needs.


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