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Take a moment and check out how to install the FASTBOX. It's track performance and true reliability, from the leader in Race Technology.


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Download your custom map created by our US. R&D Department
**** Warning this is a Windows only download ****


What map/map position should I use?

The FAST II is pre-loaded with a map before shipping. Each loaded map has three available positions. Those positions will often have tables for the following configurations:
1. Slip-on with sound insert
2. Slip-on without sound insert
3. Full system without sound insert If you connect the USB cable and FAST II unit to your computer (after installing the included software on your laptop / desktop) you will be able to see the map positions on the lower right of the screen. If you see the configuration you are using on your bike, (example: slip-on, sound insert out) simply click on the map switch position button located near the upper middle of the FAST software screen (see video) or select the desired position from the map selector drop down menu on the right side of the screen. Once you select the map position it is synchronized with your FAST II unit. You may now unplug your FAST II unit and it is ready to install.

What if I don't see the configuration of my bike in the factory pre-loaded map?

We have developed maps for all of our LeoVince exhaust system combinations. If you don't see your configuration in the pre-loaded map positions, you can download the map for your LeoVince exhaust from the FAST II map locator on the website. Simply select your model from the drop-down menu and then select the type of exhaust configuration you have. For example if you have a Corsa full system for your 2008-2009 Honda CBR1000RR, you would select the map called "9402A- HONDA CBR1000RR 08-09 Corsa". Once you download this map from the website, you can open it using the FAST software and load it into your FAST box via the supplied USB cable. If there are multiple positions, you can select the one that most closely represents the modifications to your bike (example: slip-on, sound insert out) See video on loading maps for additional help.

Find your pipe and bike combination and click on the text to start the download of the map from the brand selector below.

The TRACKPACK is available currently available for the following Makes and Models. We will be releasing more bike combinations over the course of the next several months so check back or contact us if you do not see a fitment for your motorcycle.

FAQ: Here some of the most common questions ask about the FASTBOX.

Q: What is the FAST II system? Is there a FAST I?

A:     The FAST II is an add-on fuel and ignition adjustment device for fuel-injected motorcycles, also known as a “piggyback” device. We have developed the FAST II to work in conjunction with our exhaust systems to allow the end user to have a fully-developed complete “kit” of both fuel management and exhaust that works in tandem for optimized performance.

There is a FAST I module as well. It is for fuel map tuning only and does not allow ignition advance adjustment. It is designed for use on single and dual cylinder scooters and was mainly developed for European models. It was not imported into the U.S. and is not currently available through LeoVince USA.

Q: How is the FAST II module different from other systems on the market?

A:     The FAST II works very much like the popular aftermarket "piggyback" type systems being used today. Most control fuel adjustment with the same type of strategy, where the FAST II stands out is in the method used to allow for ignition timing adjustment and integrated quickshifter function without the need for additional harnesses/modules. We have also developed it to work seamlessly with our exhaust systems.

The FAST II also features an auto-recovery function. In the rare event of a hardware error, the FAST II allows the stock signals and sensor output to bypass the FAST II and behave as if the unit was not installed. This allows the rider to continue to ride the bike without being stranded and without having to disassemble the bike and disconnect the unit.

Q: Do I need a separate module to adjust ignition timing, or to add a quickshifter, as on other fuel injection controller devices?

A: No, the FAST II already includes fuel and ignition adjustment capability, in one module. By controlling the crankshaft position sensor output signal, we are able to manipulate the ignition advance curve of the bike and allow both advancing and retarding of the ignition timing. This inclusive method also allows us to add a quickshift function by only adding the sensor. There is no need to add an extra harness or another module, even on dual injector per cylinder bikes.

Q: My bike has a top speed/peak power/lower gear power restriction. Will the FAST II eliminate this?

A: It depends on what is causing the power restriction. If your bike has a peak power restriction due to the ignition timing being retarded (like the CBR1000RR for example) then yes, the FAST II will allow you to regain this power as it has the ability to advance the timing to where it should be. If the power loss is due to the secondary butterflies closing (like the 2011 ZX10 or some Suzuki GSX-R models) or by the ride-by-wire, ECU-controlled throttle valve closing (like the R6 and R1) the FAST II cannot eliminate the restriction. If the power loss is gear position based, the FAST II will not affect it either.

Q: Can I use the FAST II with my stock pipe? Can I use it with another brand of aftermarket exhaust?

A: Absolutely. While we will always have maps available for our specific exhaust systems, we usually have some for a stock exhaust as well. It is also possible to use a map for our exhaust systems with another brand if the designs are similar (like a slip-on for example). Besides these provided maps, you can also have your dyno tuner use the included software to make a custom map for you.

Q: I see on the website that you list a lambda eliminator/lambda emulator for my bike. Do I need to order this at the same time?

A: Most likely, yes. The lambda eliminators and emulators (some bikes require an emulator, some an eliminator, depending on the model) allow you to remove the stock O2 sensor and disable the closed loop system. This is important because it allows you to tune the lower RPM range and smaller throttle position openings of the fuel map without interference and adaptation from the stock O2 sensor. If you don't eliminate the O2 sensor, the bike will continue to trim the air/fuel mixture in the closed loop range, and you will not get the optimal performance from your FAST II system.

Q: I have aftermarket rearsets on my bike. Do I still use the sensor that is recommended on the website?

A: Depending on how the linkage is arranged on your rearsets, it's possible you may need the opposite sensor than the one recommend for your bike on the website (push or pull). This can also change depending on if you are using reverse or standard shift pattern. The best thing to do is select the appropriate sensor for the way your shift rod (not the shift lever) is moving when you upshift. You can also watch this video here (insert FAST shift video link)

Q: What version of Windows do I need for the FAST II software?

A: The FAST II Injection software interface should work fine with any Windows-based computer. However, it is highly recommended to use at least Windows XP Service Pack 2 or later. See minimum and recommend requirements below.

Q: Can I use the FAST II software on a Mac OS?

A: Sorry, the FAST II Injection software is only supported on Windows-based operating systems at this time.
Fast Box FAST II will work with any exhaust but our maps are specifically developed to work with LeoVince SBK Exhausts. All maps for the U.S. version FAST II unit were developed at our R&D facility in Richmond California. These maps were made at sea level on U.S. model bikes utilizing 91-octane premium pump fuel. We have developed complete sets of maps for SBK slip-ons and full systems so FAST II unit is ready for whatever LeoVince exhaust you choose. In the basic kit, you will receive the FAST II control box, which comes pre-loaded with maps. It includes a model-specific wiring harness and all the necessary hardware for installation, including a CD with directions and FAST II software. FAST II unit is a "piggyback" unit that features a special "recovery" mode that automatically bypasses the unit in the event of a system anomaly.

The LeoVince FAST II design allows for the possibility of custom map development allowing you to maximize your bikes performance as you make additional upgrades. It also allows for the possibility of reusing the control unit on different make/model motorcycles as you move from bike to bike. As the control unit is not hard-wired to the model-specific harness. If we list a fitment you may order a model specific wiring harness, load new maps on your FAST II unit and install it on your new motorcycle. We strive to meet your needs as you change your ride.


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