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Front brake lever guards are quickly becoming mandatory within racing organizations worldwide and here at LeoVince USA we distribute the best lever guard currently available. The Dion Device is the official brake lever guard of AMA Pro Racing and unlike many current designs it is not a bar-end hook or "Bark Buster" copy that can hook your glove, trap your hand and even break fingers and wrists.

The Dion Device is a front brake lever guard that mounts to the handlebar typically between the brake controls and throttle mounts. It has a protective reticulated aluminum arm that extends in front of the brake lever which has a carbon fiber blade that acts as a deflector in the case of frontal incidental impacts and also as a slider if the bike makes impact with the ground. It is spring loaded at the handlebar mount allowing the devices arm to release towards the front of the motorcycle allowing your hand or fingers to escape if impact is made to the device.

Our current model the "Factory Racer" has limited fitment on stock motorcycles running OEM handlebars, but fits all "clip-on" race-type handlebars. The Factory Racers MSRP is $299.00. This model will soon be joined by a new mid-priced device we call the "Privateer". The exciting news on this new design is it's similar strengths in design but you can look for an MSRP of just $199.00 on this model.

Along with the release of the Privateer will be the introduction of our new universal "bar-end" extension kit. This kit will allow users to extend their stock handlebars to accommodate each of the Dion Device designs and this will allow fitment on approximately 90% of the current motorcycles available.

Dion Device is a rider protection device company started in Quebec Canada. The creator Stephane Dion was on a personal mission when he developed the Dion Device. He not only wanted to make an incredible product he needed to fulfill a promise he made to his close personal friend and legendary racer Michele Mercier. In 2005 Max Mercier (son of Michele Mercier) had a tragic crash in Snannonville and was killed. Having raced himself Stephane understood that this could have been avoided and he made a solemn promise to Michele to stop the madness and so began the development of the original Dion Device. These have now been brought to market in partnership with LeoVince USA to make them available to dealers and the riding and racing public throughout North America.


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