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Mollo Family
Mollo Family - 3 generations photo taken 2010

History and Tradition Define Sito Gruppo
and LeoVince USA

For the LeoVince family of brands our history began in 1954. In that year, Pietro Mollo founded Sito Gruppo, the parent company of LeoVince USA. As President of the new company, Pietro set up a workshop in Turin, Italy, to manufacture his first exhaust.

Pietro’s passion, perseverance and managerial skills changed both his life and forged the future of high-performance motorcycle exhaust manufacturing. Within a few years, the company had grown so large that more space was required. In 1956 operations were moved to a larger facility in Monticello d’Alba, which Sito Gruppo still calls home today. The company continued to expand as their expertise and reputation grew, becoming an industry leader in Europe.

Since the beginning, Sito brands have had a presence in motorcycle racing, from the high speeds circuits of roadracing to the most technical and challenging off-road competitions. Today, Sito Gruppo is proud to have racing partners at the highest levels of motorsports, including top teams competing in MotoGP, WSBK, and World Championship MX1 and MX2.

Pietro’s son Gianni grew up along with Sito Gruppo. Today, as Sito’s Global General Manager, he continues to drive the company forward as we expand further into the world market. He actively takes part in all of the current exhaust designs and is the creative genious behind many of the successful exhaust lines we have sold in the last three decades. He is also the driving force behind Sito’s continued expansion into the Carbon Fiber market as well as our most recent release, the FAST II ignition/fuel control module.

            Sito’s family ties don’t end there either: Pietro’s grandchildren, Giacomo and Valeria first carried on the family tradition by working here with the LeoVince USA staff and now fill positions within Sito Gruppo. Valeria is now filling a role as Sito’s  Marketing Manager. Giacomo has begun as a director in Sito Gruppo and will be opening a new division and managing Sito’s expansion into our newest market Indonesia.

With such strong ties to legacy and tradition, it’s no surprise that the family also values their ties to the land. In 2004, they acquired much of the land that surrounds the Sito Gruppo facility and built Monte Oliveto di Casa, the family winery. Their goal is to keep alive the tradition of winemaking (for the Mollo’s this goes back centuries) and to share the historic wine culture of Italy with friends, colleagues and customers worldwide.

Those same values can be seen in Sito Gruppo and the LeoVince brands today, where the traditions of fine craftsmanship and respect for the smallest details are evident in every one of their products.

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